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The Hold Steady: We Can Get Together  

by on May 21st, 2023 | No Comments »

Kevin Nelson – “Do you remember those times / Those times before there was a pandemic / And you could see Hold Steady’s Craig Finn at some guy’s house / located in the middle of Ballard?” While this might not have been a Hold Steady song, it definitely was for me, back in the pre-pandemic times of 2017.

Past Lives: The Song Does Not Remain the Same

by on May 16th, 2023 | No Comments »

Tim Basaraba – Much like they did with 2022’s Aftersun, A24 studios is allowing a first-time filmmaker to tell their story, their way with Past Lives, an intentional, articulate and surprisingly whimsical look at modern relationships from director Celine Song, a well-known Korean Canadian playwright making her first foray to the silver screen.

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