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#41for2015Fest Recap & Photo Set

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Earlier this month we produced a DIY music festival called #41for2015Fest, which featured 19 of the 41 acts we selected for our “41 Seattle Artists We’re Watching in 2015” list back in March.

The performances were consistently lovely and inspired, with highlights like the Hounds of the Wild Hunt making a triumphant return that left us hoping they get funding to put their new album out real soon; a surprise headlining gig by Ever So Android on Friday night; and a breath-taking “best in show” performance from singer/songwriter Patrick Galactic, who’s newly-released single “Futures Come and Go” was even more breathtaking live.

More enjoyable even than the music, perhaps, was the sense of community. Many artists came back on evenings they didn’t perform to watch other bands; fellow music nerds from Seattle Music Insider and Seattle Music News stopped by to check out the action; and nine local bands stopped by to introduce themselves and submit their music for our 2016 list of local artists to keep an eye on.

Adding to the vibe was art hanging in the club’s lobby and hallways by photographer Mandy McGee, illustrator Sarah Cochran, and painters Ryan Henry Ward, Dave Bloomfield (aka Starheadboy) and Xavier Lopez. Live visual art was provided Saturday night by the CTPAK Records Film Crew (including the image at the top of this article) and Kblanc’s video imagery adorned the stage on Friday.

Castane Arias, Christine Mitchell, Jim Toohey, Markus Klotz and Sunny Martini all helped us preserve the moment in photo. Here are 41 of our favorites followed by links to full albums for each night of the festival.

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