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The Dead Milkmen: Alive And Milking

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Abe Beeson – I grew up a young fan of punk rock, getting into The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and The Damned in the mid-80s, which is how it should be (adjusting for the passage of time) for all young people. Teen angst has no better companion than punk rock, in my opinion.

This is what Painted Palms are doing Live

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When I read that the debut full-length Forever by San Francisco-based Painted Palms was recorded by cousins Christopher Prudhomme and Reese Donohue largely while they were living thousands of miles apart, I wasn’t surprised. There’s a distance in the songs’ productions that’s not quite cold, but with a certain chilly-on-a-sunny-day feeling that evokes summer in the Bay Area.

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