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14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #12 Infinite Flux

Posted by February 7th, 2014 1 Comment »

I’m sick of loud, aggressive bands with weak voices and tongue-in-cheek sensibilities. I like heavy music. But what I like even more than heavy music is heavy music with really cool vocals.

That’s why Tacoma’s Infinite Flux are on my list of “14 Bands to See in 2014” … when the idiot sound guy doesn’t give them too much reverb they are my favorite loud band with duel vocals, recalling the glory days of Northwest bands like Karp.

One thought on “14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #12 Infinite Flux

  1. TBASA says:

    “Idiot sound guy” refers to the person unseen and unknown on the YouTube video above, if I know you and like you Then I feel bad for calling you an idiot but come on tone down the fucking reverb.

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