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14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #7 Ever So Android

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Some bands have to force emotion and energy because they’re too preoccupied with making sure they “sound good” on stage. I see none of this with Drew Murray and Hope Simpson, the duo known as Ever So Android.  What I see is two people in love with the music they have created who want to share it with the world.

You could describe their sound as “catchy pop songs dipped in aggressive electronic beats and covered with the sounds of hollow body guitar played on overdrive.” Or you could just describe them as Ever So Android. No matter how you describe them, if you go out to see one of their live shows you’re going to witness a sexy performance filled with unabashed exuberance.

To learn more about Ever So Android check out the Q&A they did with last fall.

Lead photo by Jeffrey Samuels. 

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