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14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #9 Radio Raheem

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Booking the White Rabbit, the Fremont venue known for letting funk and jam bands highlight their musicianship, really broadened my musical palette.

A band like Radio Raheem normally wouldn’t pop onto my radar but I’m so glad I got to see them perform in 2013. In fact I couldn’t get their hip hop/new wave/soul/disco superbot sounds out of my head. I even made a cartoon about it.

The group, which works with the Seattle hip-hop label Sportn’ Life (Fly Moon Royalty, Nissim), features excellent musicians with impeccable songwriting skills and a sound that’s more accessible than the Spike Lee movie from which their name was taken. Macklemore must have noticed too: he invited Radio Raheem’s singer, Josephine Howell, to sing backup for his Grammy performance.

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