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Lotte Kestner: “Leavenworth Feels Magical”

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Timbrrr! Fest Series: Lotte Kestner 

Anna-Lynne Williams is a former member of the now defunct Trespassers William, whose mild-mannered strain of indie pop is still present under the guise of her Lotte Kestner moniker. In Williams’ solo material exists a fragile beauty, her voice is wispy against the soothing pluck of guitar strings.

Williams has lent her voice to songs by big name bands like The Chemical Brothers and AFI, to local artists like Motopony and Blue Sky Black Death, and continues to release new material each year. Her most recent album, Unless, contains her familiar fragility but seems to be in full-focus. Where older material seems more akin to acoustic shoegaze, a genre I’m citing out of desperation, Williams now sounds more experimental, delving into a larger variety of instrumentation. Lotte Kestner’s music is conducive to meditatively basking next to a calm fire, making her the perfect artist for Timbrrr! Fest.

Nada Mucho: Have you been to Leavenworth? If so, what impressions did it leave with you?
Lotte Kestner, also known as Anna Lynne Williams: Yes but only in the really warm season. Once for a proper visit where we stayed on a farm and walked over to Blackbird Island. The sky was pink and there were lightning storms; it was beautiful. And I’ve stopped a few times on my way to Wenatchee. I spent my summers in Europe as a kid, so I always get excited when I find food or architecture that takes me back to that. Leavenworth feels magical.

NM: Since the festival happens in early 2014, what are some of your New Year’s resolutions?
LK: I think I’ve already started on some of mine. More optimism when things are tough. Making sure the people I care about feel loved.

NM: The festival features snowshoeing and other winter-related activities. Do you have a favorite snow sport?LK: I lived in California for most of my life, so I’ve hardly ever seen snow and I’ve never done any snow related sports. I do love walking in snow when it’s powdery though, when the whole street gets covered and you can’t see where the curbs are. I’m guessing I’d try snowshoeing long before I’d ever try skiing. I’m recovering from a bad ankle sprain at the moment so I guess I won’t get to try any snow sports this year though.

NM: Leavenworth in January calls for warm clothing. What is your essential gear for the winter?
LK: I need to go shopping for some thermals or something. I was thinking of bringing a space heater with me.

NM: Which of your songs would you recommend listening to on a brisk winter day?
LK: The song “Pairs” on my last album. It’s not about winter but I think it’s one of my warmest sounding songs. And I recorded a cover of “Falling Snow” by Damien Jurado. That one would be suitable.

Timbrrr Fest! takes place January 10-11 in Leavenworth, Washington. 

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