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The Moondoggies: Not Much for Clothes & Style

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Timbrrr! Fest Series: The Moondoggies 

Based on the refreshingly tight composition and crisp energy on The Moondoggie’s latest album, Adios I’m A Ghost, you might confuse them for bright-eyed newcomers. In fact, the band has been together for almost a decade, sharing their Americana-influenced rock n’ roll with the world in the form of three full-length albums, each one more concrete and deservedly praised than the last.

The Moondoggies formed in Bellingham before moving to their current residence in Everett but their music is fundamentally Seattleite. Their second album was produced by Phil Ek, the producer responsible for landmark albums by Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, and Father John Misty. Hardly Art, their record label, is part of Sub Pop Records. Perhaps the biggest tell they are from the area is how difficult it is to define the way they combine raw power with delicate intricacies. Sure, they seem to be big fans of The Band, but this isn’t strict emulation. They are simultaneously rugged and refined, and entirely captivating.

Nada Mucho: Have you been to Leavenworth? If so, what impressions did it leave with you?
Kevin Murphy, The Moondoggies’ lead vocalist and guitarist: Yeah we’re from Everett, so yes, we’ve been a few times. I remember their Wendy’s had REALLY good Coke, the night manager Greg was very welcoming. It’s extremely pretty up around there. In high school we use to drive up highway 2 a bunch.

NM: What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?
KM: Finish some old solo songs I’ve been putting off for eight years; record them so I can walk away from them. Drink as much egg nog as I can while the getting’s good. Start playing the piano again. Find the perfect corn dog. Take my girlfriend on a long drive to a Cracker Barrel just to eat and then drive back home. Take some non-music related road trips like to the Cracker Barrel. Or California.

NM: Timbrrr! advertises hot toddies. What are some of your favorite recipes?
KM:  My favorite Hot Toddy recipe? Hot water and whiskey. You can keep your lemons but I’ll take some of your sweet honeys. I already threw this one out there, but I like egg nog, 7 Up, and Kracken, which sounds gross but tastes wonderful.

NM: The festival features snowshoeing and other winter-related activities. Do you have a favorite snow sport?
KM: Sledding down a hill. Drinking Hot toddies. Together.

NM: Leavenworth in January calls for warm clothing. What is your essential gear for the winter?
KM: I just throw on more layers. I’m not much for clothes and style, I just pile on gloves and couple hats.

NM: Which of your songs would you recommend listening to on a brisk winter day?
KM: If you want a sad song, it’s “Pride.” I think “Midnight Owl” would go well with some late night snow. Also, “Stop Signs” might seem appropriate if you’re driving and your breaks are letting you down.

Timbrrr Fest! takes place January 10-11 in Leavenworth, Washington. 

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