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CHBP: TBASA Stopped by on Saturday and Sunday

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Capitol Hill Block Party Day 2 Recap
Friday, July 26, 2014

On Saturday I arrived early and walked around the neighborhood before heading to the Capitol Hill Block Party main stage at 2 p.m. for Cymbals. I don’t know anything about this band, but the sound emanating from the main stage and echoing down the street was pleasant enough. The set consisted of four gentlemen in their twenties laying down solid keyboard grooves and insecure in-between song banter in equal measure. The Telecaster mixed with the synthesizers kind of made me want to dance all jangle-y but I refrained because it was too early for such things.

Next I headed to the Vera stage and eagerly awaited The Chain Gang of 1974, whose name alone had me excited. I had pictured in my mind a band like the Raveonettes (their quintessential album is titled Chain Gang of Love) who would take Indie rock in a new direction. Plus, 1974 is a very special year for humanity because it was the year I came into existence in my current form.

As the music started I clinched my fist hoping the band would be rad. They weren’t. In fact they were kind of terrible. Imagine the worst parts of Passion Pit and AWOLnation combined with onstage douche-baggery worthy of only a young Sammy Hagar.

Seeking the promise of cooler air and cooler sounds, I headed down to Barboza for a palette cleanser in the former of local band The Spider Ferns, a guy/girl duo who incorporate surf-y guitar with memorizing bass lines and massive, pre-programmed beat tracks that sounded great pumping through the club’s ample sound system. I’ve raved about this band before, and their trippy, textured grooves was just what I needed to forget the ear trauma of earlier in the day.

The Chain Gang of 1974? Or a young Sammy Hagar? Photo by Jim Bennett.

The Chain Gang of 1974? Or a young Sammy Hagar? Photo by Jim Bennett.

I returned Sunday to see another local band I’ve become quite fond of over the last year, Ever so Android. The duo delivered a high energy, angst-ridden performance that got the crowd moving to their manic backing beats. Guitarist/producer Drew Murray’s guitar was perfectly mixed just above the low end, cutting through the din to add some much needed crunch to my day. Singer Hope Simpson’s stunning voice was also mixed superbly, which allowed her to interact with the audience on nearly every track. Their set was short and sweet, leaving the crowd of 20 somethings wanting more.

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